Dunmatar's Reach

Floor 0 (Top Floor)
  • A. Hallway. Has a Ward Glyph (must hold a symbol of Dunmatar to cross safely). Unexplored door at the southern end.
  • B. Hidden teleportation room. Speak “Immatar” to teleport to Room C.
  • C. Immatar’s Quarters, speak “Immatar” to teleport to Room B.
  • D. Chasm. Magical bridge extends over gap.

Floor 1
  • A. Southern mountain trail.
  • B. Moss Cave (inhabited by a Hulk)
  • C. Guard Room
  • D. Spiral Starcase (Up and Down Access)

Floor 2 (Barracks Floor)
  • A. Spiral Starcase (Up and Down Access)
  • B. Weapon Storage
  • C. Orc’s Quarters
  • D. Beast-men Barracks

Floor 3 (Storage Rooms, Blocked by Rubble)
  • A. Large Storage Room (found magic gauntlets).
  • B. Small Storage (found rod).
  • C. Chasm.

Dunmatar's Reach

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