Splinterveld, the home of those that dwell within the mountains. It is a quiet, dry land, but beneath the surface the forges burn and the hammers fall.

The Brueddwyd Divide mountains trap much of the weather from the sea from reaching inland. This has caused the land just east of the mountains to be dry, hardly vegetated lands. Splinterveld, however, also neighbors the Great Wyst, a source of endless fresh water, so the eastern border of the region is lush grasslands.

The people of Splinterveld are the quietest, most reserved of all the regions of men. They have spent the last few hundred years learning the strengths and weaknesses of natural materials and how to craft with them. Mastering craft of stone, metal and even wood, the Splintervelders are the unchallenged architectures and masons.

Though generally socially distant from everyone, they are wary of the dangers of the world, including their warrior neighbors, the Kusteland. They built the Kust-Murr to fend off raiding pirates as well as potentially Kustelander ships, should the need ever arise. They keep a constant patrol along the Divide and know the mountains like no one else.

Cultural Attributes
Ones who spend sufficient time in Splinterveld do well with appraise, crafting and climbing. Their natural quiet nature may be favorable in some circumstances, but can also lead to problems where charisma and diplomacy are needed.


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