The Sea Wolf, Kusteland

Whether in packs, or lone, the Sea Wolf is the ferocious and dangerous truth of survival. He is represented both within the torments of the sea as well as the great wolf packs which run wild in East Kusteland, along the Breuddwyd Divide. Survival of the fittest, and to him is granted the greatest of rewards: existence.

The Mountain King, Splinterveld There is always a strength greater than the current, or so it is believed. A better ore, a strong metal, a more sound building technique. Mastery and discovery go hand in hand within the King’s domain. The Mountain King knows the greatest of the secrets, but mortals can only strive to match his crafts.

The Horned One, Anialdir

The Horned One, a mighty buck, is the master of the woodlands. A watchful guardian, a warden, against all who dare try to change the interwoven designs of magic and life laid down by Nature, the Great Weaver. While the Kusteland is brutal, there is a sense of order there. In Anialdir, you have no such order. Neutrality and the natural flow and ebb of change rule this land, for the master is the Horned One, and not the men who dwell within.

The Shepherdess, Pacific Fields

Gently is the way of the Shepherdess. No violent struggle or harsh conditions exist within her domain. A light mist, a calm wind, the warm sun and a gentle rain form her springtime frock. The beauty and delicacies of life and the moments shared and enjoyed are what the Shepherdess treasures.


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