Pacific Fields

Pacific Fields, the region of wide pastures and calm waters. Inhabited by the farmers, shepards, and horsemen of Breuddwyd.

Between the Great Lake and Anialdir lies the fertile pastures and grasslands. The western border neighbors the Great Wyst, and the Gentle Mother River runs along it’s southern border until emptying into the Great Lake. East of the Fields the land dries out into a sparse rocky desert.

The decents of the original Settlers, on a cultural level, reside in Pacific Fields. They have not turned to war and revenge to shape their lives, as the Kustelanders have, or hidden within nature to protect them, and keep private, like the Splinterveldians or Anialdirians have. They are the most like traditional men as any of the regions.

Pacificians live in large rural communities, focusing their efforts in the farmlands, herds and the calm waters of the Gentle Mother or the Great Lake. They are very social, musicial and generally simple throughout the course of their lives.

The only thing which one should know before they venture into the Fields is how wary Pacificians are when it comes to tools of war. They tolerate simple weapons, for the practical purpose of protection and the understanding that the world is a dangerous place, but they do not easily welcome those who carry more arms than they have hands for, or look like one who enjoys to skirmish at every opportunity.

Cultural Attributes
Ones who spend sufficient time in the Pacific Fields do well with perform, handle animal and ride. They are the most honest and open of any of the human regions, and don’t do well with trying to lie, or detecting them, but they are steadfast and difficult to intimidate.

Pacific Fields

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