Magical Items

Magical Items

Magical items are found throughout the adventure. Anything beyond a +1, or a more rare +2, will not be found within the typical markets. Trade is not strong between regions, and some lands either lack the magical knowledge (Kusteland), or it’s just not needed (Pacific Fields), so there is not much demand for advanced enchanting.

Finding an Item

Items are easily identifiable as magic by those who are trained or attuned to the magical arts. They will know whether it is an enchanted (spell-enhanced) or imbued (naturally possessing magic). They will not know the nature of the magical effects. Some effects may require the user to be aware to active, while others may not.


Items can be identified by using a Detect Magic spell to reveal their properties (Spell Level still applies).

Identifying a magical item takes 4 hours per item. Once an item is identified by a character, finding another similar item will only take a few minutes to confirm it has the same magical signature as the already identified one. Players who have already been exposed to common magical items (most potions, scrolls, mainly) will only require a few minutes to identify them).

If it is an enchanted item, you will make a Spellcraft Check to identify the spell properties.

if it is an imbued item, you will make a Knowledge Arcana Check to identify the magical properties.

Magical Places

Rooms, shrines, groves, etc. Some places possess magical properties. They can occur naturally (imbued), or by having a spell cast on them (enchanted). Identifying them, their purpose, and their properties follow the same rules as items.

Magic Users

Magic users should keep track of what items and places they have personally identified, so it is easy to reference what magical signatures they are already familiar with.

Magical Items

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