Kusteland, also called the “Rogue Coast”, is the ancestoral home to the men of Breuddwyd. It is a rough, brutal land inhabited by a cold, hard people who live by the sword.

Kusteland has a rocky coast along it’s entire western border. Small beaches can be found, but they are few and far between. Inland the terrain is often damp, swampy and boggy. Near the Breuddwyd Divide mountains, it is almost ceaselessly raining, foggy and misty.

The people of Kusteland are respected for their skill of weapons and their knowledge of war, but rarely welcomed outside of their own lands. They are far more aggressive and warlike than any other region of Breuddwyd and their behavior make the inhabitants of Fasach worried the most.

They generally all skilled seamen. Their coastal cities are simply huge networks of docks and moors, where hundreds or even thousands of ships find their harbor. While not publicly acknowledged, it is known that the sea patrols of the Kusteland are responsible for fending of foreign raids for the last hundred years.

The Kusteland people tolerate the intolerance of their neighbors, focusing their hate and fury upon the raider nations of the Western Sea. For the last hundred years there have been just as many defensive actions taken for the protection of Breuddwyd as there have been offensive strikes into the islands and open seas of the west by the Kustelanders.

Though they are very few, those that become too elderly, or too injured to serve aboard ships and can part with the sight of the sea, find their place inland establishing places where safe rest can be acquired in the open wilds of the Kusteland bogs.

Cultural Attributes
One who spends sufficient time in the Kusteland do well with swimming, acrobatics, balancing, and use of a rope. Depending on their general morals, they can either detect lies, or bluff, better than any others.


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