What is Favor

Favor is a accumulable point system for the scale which represents your personal relationship with your deity. Favor, like levels, when gained or lost, will appear in your dreams to inform you of such heavenly scale tipping.

Gaining Favor

Doing something great enough to gain the attention of your deity, and which your deity approves of. Specifically trying to accomplish something for the sake of favor, however, will not generally work.

Losing Favor

Doing something horrible enough to gain the attention of your deity, and which your deity disapproves of. Losing favor can result in the loss of some or all positive points, and even result in the deity tipping the scale in to the negative points, their wrathful side.

Insulting or offending a deity which you did not worship to begin with, however, will NOT have an effect. You have no scale with them, as you have no personal relationship.

When Does It Come In?

In desperate times, a miracle is possible. Characters have no control over when their good behavior will pay off (though prayer will hopefully influence their deity). Deities don’t want to see those that serve them perish, though some will try to ensure the defeat of those who have offended them.

Favor can be seen experienced as anything from minor bonuses or re-rolls, to spell or hit point refreshing.


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