Blinded:* You cannot see anything. You cannot flank. Penalty on related skill checks.

Dazed:* You can take a standard action or move action. Cannot take opportunity attacks. Cannot flank.

Deafened: You cannot hear anything. Penalty on related skill checks.

Dominated: You are Dazed. When dominated, you can only execute actions, or spell-like abilities.

Dying: You are unconscious. You have 0 or less hit points. You make a death savings throw every round.

Helpless:* Can be a target of a coup de grace (instant kill).

Immobilized: You cannot move. You can teleport, be pulled, pushed or slid.

Marked: You take a -2 penalty to attack roll when not attacking the target which marked you.

Petrified: You have been turned to stone. Cannot execute actions. You have damage reduction 20/-. You are unaware of your surroundings. You don’t age.

Prone:* +2 defense against nonadjacent ranged attacks. -2 penalty on attack rolls.

Restrained:* You are immobilized. You cannot be pushed, pulled or slid. -2 on attack rolls.

Slowed: Your speed becomes 10ft (2 squares), does not apply to teleportation, pulling, pushing, or sliding.

Stunned:* You cannot take actions.

Surprised:* Can only take free actions. Cannot flank.

Unconscious: You are helpess. You cannot take actions. You fall prone, if possible. You cannot flank.

Weakened: You deal half damage. Ongoing damage is not affected.

  • Can result in additional penalties (-1, or -2) based on your condition.


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