Anialdir, the land of lore and mystery.

Anialdir is one magnificent forest bordering the Untrodden Region. The only part of their region not covered in forest is a spit of land between the Great Wyst and the Lesser Wyst River called the Trwyn. It serves mainly as a wildlife refuge. Many streams run through the Anialdir, but most of these collect and form the beginning of the Great Wyst.

Those who dwell in the forest live by the laws of the nature, instead of bending it to their own will. Their cities are hidden, and there are no established roads or paths within their region. They are festive and jovial amongst themselves, and when they travel outside their region they are great musicians and storytellers.

They are, however, very secretive about existence within the Anialdir and do not discuss it beyond the well-patrolled borders of the forest. Outsiders are not very welcome within the forest and rarely enter any settlement aside from Trin Tawol. Anialdirians attempt to be a mono class society, where all children are given the same general woodland survival training. Beyond that, their societal behaviors are unknown.

Cultural Attributes
Ones who spend sufficient time in Anialdir do well with survival, tracking and healing. They are very social and talkative, great spinners of tales and riddles, but are tight-lipped about private matters.


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