A Fateful End...

Day 15

The Settlement

The party first explored the settlement which Lleud and Greggor told them about. Entering the red stone valley from the south, they encountered animated boulders which rolled towards them. These boulders came in various sizes, and their moved at a speed inverse to their size. They had a aversion to water.

Traveling north, to the other end of the valley they came across a sediment-filled river. Wading through this river caused the sediment (of red dust in the water) to be attracted to Orin. It caked on to him and made him immobile. Bjorn finally pulled him out, and after a while they were able to remove the four-inch think red mud from his legs. There were no animated boulders on this side of the river.

The settlement was some cave rooms carved into the rock, across the river. They found a historic tome from those who had once inhabited this place, as well as some other trinkets. They had been capable of creating masterworked weapons, though had been left, exposed, for nearly a century.

The Gatehouse

Returning along their path towards Collyn Mae, the trail ended at a small gatehouse. Inside the gatehouse has a pedestal, and around this room were four alcoves, one being occupied by the statue of a beast-man. The door in this room stated, “Pay the Ante”. Upon Krenan touching the pedestal, he was turned into one of the statues and appeared in one of the alcoves.

The party passed through a number of rooms, solving riddles, until they ended up getting trapped in a multidimensional void…

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild
Aberystwyth and the Moot

Day 11

The Moot

Two days of rest in the Crystal Gryffon and the Market have refreshed the adventurers. They were summoned to the Moot, a gathering of elders, wise-men and experienced adventurers to hear of the party’s discoveries from Dunmatar’s Reach.

During this Moot the party learned several things:

- The war in the east has slowed to a halt. The mountain passes have been blocked by treants and earth elementals. Skirmishes do occur, but Analdirans are pushing them back without taking significant losses.

- All other Breuddwyd regions have been notified of this development. Pacific Fields is mustering a eastern guard, in case Dunmatar’s forces try to wheel southward.

- The name Dunmatar was heard, decades ago. An orc, half-mad, half-dead, had stumbled out of the mountains and into the forest. He mentioned Dunmatar, but it was not known if it was a person, place or thing. He spoke of his stronghold coming under siege, and taken by surprise.

- Several courses of action would be taken. An investigation to the location, Collyn Mae, would be undertaken (by the party), an expeditionary force would be sent north, beyond Dunmatar’s Reach, and more forces would be sent east, to assist against Dunmatar’s army and ensure it doesn’t spill into Pacific Fields.

The Kustelanders

Attending the moot were a few members of other lands. There were two Kustelanders, old, wizened sea voyagers who found the party in the common room of the Crystal Gryffon later that evening. Greggor and Lleud introduced themselves and told them they in their younger years they had explored the Untrodden Region north of Kusteland.

They had discovered some small, small settlements, but they had been abandon for long time. They had found the same ringed-snowflake symbol, though, that the party had found on multiple followers of Dunmatar. They had also found one particular settlement near Collyn Mae where they had stashed much of their findings, and told the party they were free to rifle through it all, in hopes of finding something to uncover more about all of this.

Day 12

The party departed Aberystwyth as part of a caravan. It was a long, but uneventful trip. They stayed the night in Chwaer Trafol, a mostly underground city. They also gained Esperanto, the forest-green donkey.

Day 14

Leaving Chwaer Trafol, they reached the northwest edge of Anialdir and began their trek into the Untrodden Region. They made camp that evening, and in the middle of the night they heard the greay roar of a dragon, and then the ominous taunt of a figure they had met a week before…

Day 15

They awoke to find that just further along the path was the a ringed-snowflake symbol scratched in the dirt. It was deemed that it was a magical teleportation ward, and entering it would transport them someone nearby. Being curious and fearless, the Kustelanders entered the symbol one by one, leaving Esperanto to watch the path.

The Offer

They found themselves in a chamber within one of the nearby mountains. In the next chamber over was the robed figure they had heard the previous night, and the one they had encountered briefly in Anialdir, during their Riverside Encounter. The figure offered them each what they desired (Dunmatar’s Reach for Orin, the Coldstone Mountain for Bjorn, and Secrets and Knowledge for Krenan), in return for their service.

The figure revealed that the purpose of Dunmatar’s war was for an item of power hidden within Anialdir, but that Dunmatar would withdraw his army in the east if the party decided they would fetch the item themselves. If they agreed, they would have a spell placed upon them which would result in their death if they tried to do anything but fetch and return the item.

Even though it would have immediately ended the bloodshed, the party declined the offer, deciding that they would not give the item to this figure, and ultimately to Dunmatar, nor would they like to receive their desires as gifts, but as earned rewards of their efforts.

The figure faded away, and the party returned to the mountain pass.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild
The Cleansing of the Reach

Day 8

Fell Ice

Fell Ice, which is what encased Immatar’s Curse, can only be melted if it is boiled in fresh blood. After returning to the main entrance hall, they found a crew of beast-men trying to clear up what the party had caused only earlier that day. It was their blood which the party collected in one of the large cooking pots, and boiled. When the ice melted, and the scroll rose to the top, they destroyed it.

The mountain shook for a few moments, as Immatar’s spirit, and all his magic, departed.

Commander Jarl

The party then went to the last, unexplored region of this stronghold. The floor above the main entrance, the floor below the blocked-off ruined storage floor. Nearly identical to the previously explored barracks floor, this floor met the party with some surprises.

Unlike any other place of Dunmatar’s Reach, Jarl and his forces knew the party was coming and lay in wait. Surprised and flanked, a great struggle ensued. Orin’s burning hands, Bjorn’s rage and Krenan’s feet-work whittled down Jarl’s numbers though. Each member of the party was barely alive by the time the great orc finally fell, and they collapsed in a fit of exhaustion.

Day 9


After a thorough recovery, any and all valuables were loaded onto the boats they had previously discovered and they floated down the Great Wyst toward Aberystwyth; their task complete. Along the way they met up with Ceriwyn, the Young Ranger, and alerted her and her companions of the Reach. Upon reaching Aberystwyth, they felt different, more powerful, more skilled and they had a small fortune of loot, treasure and gold from which to acquire much better gear.

Now they would rest, and await the Moot of Aberystwyth.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild
The Breach

Day 8

The Party infiltrated a supply caravan and sneaks in through the main entrance of Dunmatar’s Reach. Surprising the caravan, this dispatch the guards and the caravan leader, an orc with instructions to use the caravan’s supplies and tools to fix and reinforce Dunmatar’s Reach over the next month.

The party then stumbled upon a map room, revealing the locations of Dunmatar’s Seat, a fortress in the far east, and a location to the west referred to as Collyn Mae. They also found a map with revealed what appeared to be movement or invasion plans between the Untrodden Region and Anialdir.

Exploration of the floor below the main entrance revealed prison cells, as well as some larger cells for creatures. From this floor they used the platform in the chasm to descend to the lowest floor, the river underneath the mountain. Using the boats stored there, they discovered a ladder up to a platform which was lightly guarded.

The platform had an old chest, covered in webs. When the party touched the webs, they were attacked by paralyzing spiders, but overcame the spiders and the guards eventually. The chest contained the everfrozen ice block, in which Immatar’s Curse was held.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild
The Discovery of Immatar
Revelation of Dunmatar

Day 8


Within the orc’s room, two letters were translated. The orc who inhabited this room was named (Commander) Krass. He received a poorly-written letter from a fellow orc commander named Vvrek, who said jokingly that he was pleased he wasn’t assigned to ‘Dunmatar’s Reach’. Also he was surprised by the length of this campaign. The second letter was finely written and told Krass to begin incursions into Anialdir, and if he needed help, to contact Commander Jarl.

Just after midnight the party left their room, finding no resistance no their floor, or the one below them. The third floor of this complex they had explored was a ruined storage area. Rubble and marks of a battle decades ago blocked the progression on this floor. There were signs of magical fire and great beasts. This floor had not been visited in years. The party did find access to the great chasm, a large, dark chasm within the mountain. On this floor, however, they could do little with this new area.

Retracing their steps, and then ascending to the top of the staircase. They found a trap, but it was facing the direction they wished to go, not the way they came. The trap was guarding the staircase against something in this hallway. Krenan disabled it, only to step into the next trap blindly.

The party faced a new adversary. A lightning ward which spanned the entire width of the hall gave both Krenan and Orin a shock, but Bjorn was able to figure out that the statue of the red warrior, allowed safe passage across the ward.


It was then that they met Immatar, the ghostly wizard who haunted the top-most level of this complex. He explained much to the party, including that the trap Krenan had disabled was set by the beast-men against Immatar upon their breach of the top floors of the complex.


The complex which the adventurers were exploring was called Dunmatar’s Reach, and was the southern-most marker of Dunmatar’s power in the Untrodden Region. Dunmatar was once the master of the Reach, and is the current commander of all the beast-men. Decades ago the complex was sieged, and it’s inhabitants fled, and since that time Dunmatar abandoned the fortress. Now he has returned and reclaimed it.

Immatar was cursed by Dunmatar during the siege, for fleeing and hiding instead of fighting. Immatar was unable to leave the Reach, and upon death, was unable to pass on. Immatar has asked the party to find the curse, written on a scroll, and placed within a frozen block of ice. To have such a potent, long-lasting curse, the scroll must be somewhere within the Reach.

The Moss Cave

The party left Immatar, used the rings they had found on the beast-men to extend a magicl bridge over the chasm on the top floor and open to exterior door. They discovered a moss cave, dispatched a mossy hulk and a few cave slugs. Also within the cave was an interior lake.

The party left the cave and found a place to rest for a few hours. As dawn broke and the area became well lit, they also spotted the lower entrance to Dunmatar’s Reach.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild
Into the Mountains
The Untrodden Land awaits..

Day 7

Within the protections of the veteran Anialdir rangers, the party rests well. They set out into the Untrodden Region, along a mountain pass. For the first half of the day they seem to only ascend. Even from this height, however, they cannot see over many of the trees to the south, the forest grows very tall.

When they finally head northward, through a small pass, they lose sight of the verdant Anialdir, and behold the snow-capped, shadowy lands of the Untrodden Region. An uneventful, but exhausting trek brought the ground up along a cliffside path. The path’s visibility was reduced, due to seven-foot-tall, one-foot wide jagged rocks which peppered the trail like a small grove of stone trees. They could hear activity on the other side, and in their attempt to investigate they scared away whoever was tinkering.

Upon negotiating the rocky terrain they discovered a trap, barely laid, into the gravely path. They could also see a cave entrance. Making their way to the entrance, Krenan triggered a spike trap, but disabled the next. The cave was teaming with life. A small mountain stream had created a sizable pool within the cave which caused many vines, mosses and other cave growths to flourish within this environment. There was so much cave moss that the stone wall was completely hidden.

The inhabitant of the cave, a mossy hulk, similar to the one they encountered the previous day, but this time covered in slime and mushrooms, used the vines and spore of his residence to immobilize the intruders, but he met his end after a brutal beating by Bjorn, who entered his barbaric rage when confronted with his monstrous foe.

While Orin’s acid blast missed the hulk, it did burn away some moss and vines, revealing a concealed door. This door opened to a constructed hallway of some sort of complex, or fortress. The smooth worked stone was without decoration or identification, but was a drastic contrast to the rugged, natural cave and mountain terrain.

The party then explored the complex, finding a guards room and slaying all the beast-men, but their orc commander escaped, badly wounded. The spiral staircase from this level went both up and down, and they followed the trail the orc after a short while.

The spiral staircase continued down further, but they followed the trail of orc blood to the floor just below. Using the element of surprise repeatedly, they dispatched the guard, overpowered the orc, and cut well into the ranks of unsuspecting beast-men, idling in their barracks room.

After reforming, though, the beast-men proved difficult, swarming and overpowering the party, causing both Bjorn and Orin to fall to the ground, near fatally wounded. Bjorn’s recovery and Krenan’s evasive maneuvers, allowed the party to thin the beast-men ranks and eventually win out the day.

The party barricaded themselves in the Orc’s chambers, after removing all bloodied articles and bodies, and took a couple clean, unsoiled (though smelling of beast-men) stuffed straw mattresses from the barracks room into the Orc’s chambers. The reinforced door and heavy locking bar kept them safe throughout the night.

During the evening they heard one party of beast-men arrive on the floor, but fled howling upon discovering the massacre which had occurred in the barracks room. No one has returned to this floor since…

The party also came across a small amount of coins, curing potions, a magical dagger, a magical cloak (with an embroidered warrior matching the figurine), and vials of what Orin identified to be Chill Fog, a potion version of Chill Touch.

Day 8

The party awakes within the Orc’s chambers, feeling well rested. Something has changed. The Orin detects like he is more magically potent, while Krenan observes his skills are slightly more keener, and Bjorn feels like his thrust could be more powerful.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild
Journey from Aberystwyth
The party reforms...

Day 3

In Aberystwyth, the party divided. Tegywn the Fae Druidress and Addisio, the Monk, found themselves deep within arbor study, while Bjornskvad was left at the Crystal Gryffwn, a Kustelandish inn and tavern in the Foreign Quarter. Bjornskvad finds out that other activities, similar to the poisonwood fires they encountered have been occurring throughout Anialdir.

Within the last 24 hours a number of rumors have sent various patrols and guards to every corner of Anialdir. A number of open skirmishes have occurred in northeast Anialdir with various beast-men and giants. Along the northwest border of Anialdir, within the Untrodden Region, a large red dragon has been spotted flying back and forth, but not entering Anialdir and coming within range of the ranger patrols.

In the area around Aberystwyth, along the first portion of the Great Wyst, poisonwood fires have been spotted, which causing injury to the forest and the magical creatures, especially treants. How these groups are slipping past the northern border patrol is unknown, so patrols along the river have increased.

Day 4

A curfew throughout Aberystwyth has been passed. Foreign visitors should remain in doors, all classes and studies have been suspended due to the increased number of city guards being dispatched to the border, or to the skirmishers in the northeast.

The established regions of Anialdir have become weakened, they are not used to an organized foe, merely dealing with wandering beasts from the Untrodden Region.

Day 5

A poisonwood incursion force was routed and chased back to the Untrodden Region. This revealed the presence of passages and trails into the Untrodden Region which were until now undiscovered. Lacking any spare forces to seek out the raiders now hiding in the mountains, the visitors from the cities of Aberystwth and Trin Trafol have been asked to volunteer their blades.

Day 6

Aberystwyth has formed and dispatched parties of volunteers into the Untrodden Region through the trails discovered the previous day. Hoping to cease the incursions and lessen the threat against Anialdir, Bjornskvad has joined up with two more Kustelanders who were in Aberystwyth, Krenan the Rogue and Orin the Sorcerer.

The party was being escorted from Aberystwyth to the northern border by a the Ranger, Ceriwyn. About half way along the journey, the party came across boats, of unknown craft, poorly hidden along the river bank. The party was surprised by beast-men hiding in the trees before they could prepare much of a defense. The incursion force returned to the boats at the sound of one of the beast-men’s horns.

The beast-men appeared to be of two distinct classes. The fighters used clubs, while the whip-wielders were able to use cold magic. After the beast-men were slain, a completely robed and hooded figure, speaking common, appeared. He brought with him a great hulk, a beast of disease and girth. After the hulk appeared, the figure fled.

During the ordeal, Bjorn was gravely wounded, but recovered with Ceriwyn’s Nature magic, and Krenan was dealt a nearly lethal blow by the hulk. Bjorn had climbed into a tree and jumped onto the hulk, drawing his attention from Krenan, allowing the rogue to recover in safety. The party discovered very little from this encounter, except that one of the whip-wielding beast-men carried a red figurine of a horned, sitting warrior.

The party continued their travels, reaching the border and resting for the evening, preparing to begin their trek at first light.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild
The Arrival of the Fae
The journey begins...

Day 1

I should have expected Monday morning to unravel into something as peculiar as it did. I opened our guildhall doors at 7 o’clock sharp myself because Frederick and Dougal has had a late night of brews at the Singing Trout Tavern. one could hardly be surprised, as the Laketown Lasses had come from their eastern abode. The musicians are both skilled and beautiful, and so Frederick’s slight dereliction is forgivable.

As I opened the door this morning I found two individuals, though not together, waiting for our doors to open.

The first, a Kusteland barbarian, who went by the name of Bjornskvad Kydstoffr, had come seeking knowledge of magical weapons. I explained to him that, while our library is very large and all-encompassing, the knowledge of warfare had not passed east over the Brueddwyd Divide. Not many in the eastern regions understand warfare, even in Splinterveld where great arms and armor is crafted.

The second, whom I mistook to be a small girl, ended up beging a Fae from Fasach. Tegwyn the Druidess had come to visit our halls seeking out knowledge of ancient woods, forests, and trees. She and our visiting guildmember, Addisio had located an a great fir in the western region of Anialdir, near Chwaer Trafol to visit.

To resolve the matter of the brutish barbarian, I told him if he sought magic which would help Kusteland, no journey could be more rewarding than accompanying a Fae. The small creature had untold deep and secret knowledges of the world, and our books do not hold any of their lore. All parties agreed they would set out at once for Aberystwyth, and then Chwaer Trafol.

It would be a two-day journey between Bridgetown and Aberystwyth, and during with they had no disturbances. That evening, to Bjorn’s dread, the grove in which they made camp was awoken by Tegwyn to be the sentries over them while they slept. Tegwyn awakened them by playing on her lyre. Whether a spell did this, or the trees simply responded as one would to such music, we do not yet know.

Day 2

As the party approached the southern border of Anialdir, they were overcome by a foul wind and a remarkable silence. Many things seemed out of place. The patrols of Anialdir were no where to be found. The very protective and private Anialdir heavily patrol their borders so they know all whom enter their realm. At the edge of the woods was a great inferno. in a slight pit, but over ten feet in diameter was a great bonfire. The wood within the pit seemed to be oozing a dark liquid, and several of the logs and branches appeared to be limbs of woodkind creatures.

Unable to be squelch the flames, the party approaches the woodland, where they encountered a diseased and rotting treant. Though young, and small compared to the elder treants, this misguided and blinded treefolk was beyond any of the party to defeat. Tegwyn, the Druidess, however, lulled the wild treant to calm, and then allowed it to calmly pass from this life peacefully, the rot consuming the rest of the tree and poisoning the ground where it fell.

Seeking out the aid of Aberystwyth, the party came across a second pit of poisoned wood, this time not yet aflame. They watched two robed figures circle the pit, and use a red figurine of a sitting horn-helmed warrior to ignite the wood with a magical inferno.

Tegwyn, overwhelmed with the poison and smoke, fainted. Bjorn slew the robed figures and discovered they were humanoids, but no creature anyone in the party had seen. They had human features, but torso, arms and legs were covered in course, thick fur. They also spoke a language which none recognized. After defeating them Addisio used the red figurine to extinguish the fire, though causing himself to weaken slightly.

Tegwyn was carried to Aberystwyth by Bjorn while Addisio went south, to the first fire to extinguish it as well.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild

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