The Discovery of Immatar

Revelation of Dunmatar

Day 8


Within the orc’s room, two letters were translated. The orc who inhabited this room was named (Commander) Krass. He received a poorly-written letter from a fellow orc commander named Vvrek, who said jokingly that he was pleased he wasn’t assigned to ‘Dunmatar’s Reach’. Also he was surprised by the length of this campaign. The second letter was finely written and told Krass to begin incursions into Anialdir, and if he needed help, to contact Commander Jarl.

Just after midnight the party left their room, finding no resistance no their floor, or the one below them. The third floor of this complex they had explored was a ruined storage area. Rubble and marks of a battle decades ago blocked the progression on this floor. There were signs of magical fire and great beasts. This floor had not been visited in years. The party did find access to the great chasm, a large, dark chasm within the mountain. On this floor, however, they could do little with this new area.

Retracing their steps, and then ascending to the top of the staircase. They found a trap, but it was facing the direction they wished to go, not the way they came. The trap was guarding the staircase against something in this hallway. Krenan disabled it, only to step into the next trap blindly.

The party faced a new adversary. A lightning ward which spanned the entire width of the hall gave both Krenan and Orin a shock, but Bjorn was able to figure out that the statue of the red warrior, allowed safe passage across the ward.


It was then that they met Immatar, the ghostly wizard who haunted the top-most level of this complex. He explained much to the party, including that the trap Krenan had disabled was set by the beast-men against Immatar upon their breach of the top floors of the complex.


The complex which the adventurers were exploring was called Dunmatar’s Reach, and was the southern-most marker of Dunmatar’s power in the Untrodden Region. Dunmatar was once the master of the Reach, and is the current commander of all the beast-men. Decades ago the complex was sieged, and it’s inhabitants fled, and since that time Dunmatar abandoned the fortress. Now he has returned and reclaimed it.

Immatar was cursed by Dunmatar during the siege, for fleeing and hiding instead of fighting. Immatar was unable to leave the Reach, and upon death, was unable to pass on. Immatar has asked the party to find the curse, written on a scroll, and placed within a frozen block of ice. To have such a potent, long-lasting curse, the scroll must be somewhere within the Reach.

The Moss Cave

The party left Immatar, used the rings they had found on the beast-men to extend a magicl bridge over the chasm on the top floor and open to exterior door. They discovered a moss cave, dispatched a mossy hulk and a few cave slugs. Also within the cave was an interior lake.

The party left the cave and found a place to rest for a few hours. As dawn broke and the area became well lit, they also spotted the lower entrance to Dunmatar’s Reach.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild



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