The Cleansing of the Reach


Day 8

Fell Ice

Fell Ice, which is what encased Immatar’s Curse, can only be melted if it is boiled in fresh blood. After returning to the main entrance hall, they found a crew of beast-men trying to clear up what the party had caused only earlier that day. It was their blood which the party collected in one of the large cooking pots, and boiled. When the ice melted, and the scroll rose to the top, they destroyed it.

The mountain shook for a few moments, as Immatar’s spirit, and all his magic, departed.

Commander Jarl

The party then went to the last, unexplored region of this stronghold. The floor above the main entrance, the floor below the blocked-off ruined storage floor. Nearly identical to the previously explored barracks floor, this floor met the party with some surprises.

Unlike any other place of Dunmatar’s Reach, Jarl and his forces knew the party was coming and lay in wait. Surprised and flanked, a great struggle ensued. Orin’s burning hands, Bjorn’s rage and Krenan’s feet-work whittled down Jarl’s numbers though. Each member of the party was barely alive by the time the great orc finally fell, and they collapsed in a fit of exhaustion.

Day 9


After a thorough recovery, any and all valuables were loaded onto the boats they had previously discovered and they floated down the Great Wyst toward Aberystwyth; their task complete. Along the way they met up with Ceriwyn, the Young Ranger, and alerted her and her companions of the Reach. Upon reaching Aberystwyth, they felt different, more powerful, more skilled and they had a small fortune of loot, treasure and gold from which to acquire much better gear.

Now they would rest, and await the Moot of Aberystwyth.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild



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