Into the Mountains

The Untrodden Land awaits..

Day 7

Within the protections of the veteran Anialdir rangers, the party rests well. They set out into the Untrodden Region, along a mountain pass. For the first half of the day they seem to only ascend. Even from this height, however, they cannot see over many of the trees to the south, the forest grows very tall.

When they finally head northward, through a small pass, they lose sight of the verdant Anialdir, and behold the snow-capped, shadowy lands of the Untrodden Region. An uneventful, but exhausting trek brought the ground up along a cliffside path. The path’s visibility was reduced, due to seven-foot-tall, one-foot wide jagged rocks which peppered the trail like a small grove of stone trees. They could hear activity on the other side, and in their attempt to investigate they scared away whoever was tinkering.

Upon negotiating the rocky terrain they discovered a trap, barely laid, into the gravely path. They could also see a cave entrance. Making their way to the entrance, Krenan triggered a spike trap, but disabled the next. The cave was teaming with life. A small mountain stream had created a sizable pool within the cave which caused many vines, mosses and other cave growths to flourish within this environment. There was so much cave moss that the stone wall was completely hidden.

The inhabitant of the cave, a mossy hulk, similar to the one they encountered the previous day, but this time covered in slime and mushrooms, used the vines and spore of his residence to immobilize the intruders, but he met his end after a brutal beating by Bjorn, who entered his barbaric rage when confronted with his monstrous foe.

While Orin’s acid blast missed the hulk, it did burn away some moss and vines, revealing a concealed door. This door opened to a constructed hallway of some sort of complex, or fortress. The smooth worked stone was without decoration or identification, but was a drastic contrast to the rugged, natural cave and mountain terrain.

The party then explored the complex, finding a guards room and slaying all the beast-men, but their orc commander escaped, badly wounded. The spiral staircase from this level went both up and down, and they followed the trail the orc after a short while.

The spiral staircase continued down further, but they followed the trail of orc blood to the floor just below. Using the element of surprise repeatedly, they dispatched the guard, overpowered the orc, and cut well into the ranks of unsuspecting beast-men, idling in their barracks room.

After reforming, though, the beast-men proved difficult, swarming and overpowering the party, causing both Bjorn and Orin to fall to the ground, near fatally wounded. Bjorn’s recovery and Krenan’s evasive maneuvers, allowed the party to thin the beast-men ranks and eventually win out the day.

The party barricaded themselves in the Orc’s chambers, after removing all bloodied articles and bodies, and took a couple clean, unsoiled (though smelling of beast-men) stuffed straw mattresses from the barracks room into the Orc’s chambers. The reinforced door and heavy locking bar kept them safe throughout the night.

During the evening they heard one party of beast-men arrive on the floor, but fled howling upon discovering the massacre which had occurred in the barracks room. No one has returned to this floor since…

The party also came across a small amount of coins, curing potions, a magical dagger, a magical cloak (with an embroidered warrior matching the figurine), and vials of what Orin identified to be Chill Fog, a potion version of Chill Touch.

Day 8

The party awakes within the Orc’s chambers, feeling well rested. Something has changed. The Orin detects like he is more magically potent, while Krenan observes his skills are slightly more keener, and Bjorn feels like his thrust could be more powerful.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild



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