Journey from Aberystwyth

The party reforms...

Day 3

In Aberystwyth, the party divided. Tegywn the Fae Druidress and Addisio, the Monk, found themselves deep within arbor study, while Bjornskvad was left at the Crystal Gryffwn, a Kustelandish inn and tavern in the Foreign Quarter. Bjornskvad finds out that other activities, similar to the poisonwood fires they encountered have been occurring throughout Anialdir.

Within the last 24 hours a number of rumors have sent various patrols and guards to every corner of Anialdir. A number of open skirmishes have occurred in northeast Anialdir with various beast-men and giants. Along the northwest border of Anialdir, within the Untrodden Region, a large red dragon has been spotted flying back and forth, but not entering Anialdir and coming within range of the ranger patrols.

In the area around Aberystwyth, along the first portion of the Great Wyst, poisonwood fires have been spotted, which causing injury to the forest and the magical creatures, especially treants. How these groups are slipping past the northern border patrol is unknown, so patrols along the river have increased.

Day 4

A curfew throughout Aberystwyth has been passed. Foreign visitors should remain in doors, all classes and studies have been suspended due to the increased number of city guards being dispatched to the border, or to the skirmishers in the northeast.

The established regions of Anialdir have become weakened, they are not used to an organized foe, merely dealing with wandering beasts from the Untrodden Region.

Day 5

A poisonwood incursion force was routed and chased back to the Untrodden Region. This revealed the presence of passages and trails into the Untrodden Region which were until now undiscovered. Lacking any spare forces to seek out the raiders now hiding in the mountains, the visitors from the cities of Aberystwth and Trin Trafol have been asked to volunteer their blades.

Day 6

Aberystwyth has formed and dispatched parties of volunteers into the Untrodden Region through the trails discovered the previous day. Hoping to cease the incursions and lessen the threat against Anialdir, Bjornskvad has joined up with two more Kustelanders who were in Aberystwyth, Krenan the Rogue and Orin the Sorcerer.

The party was being escorted from Aberystwyth to the northern border by a the Ranger, Ceriwyn. About half way along the journey, the party came across boats, of unknown craft, poorly hidden along the river bank. The party was surprised by beast-men hiding in the trees before they could prepare much of a defense. The incursion force returned to the boats at the sound of one of the beast-men’s horns.

The beast-men appeared to be of two distinct classes. The fighters used clubs, while the whip-wielders were able to use cold magic. After the beast-men were slain, a completely robed and hooded figure, speaking common, appeared. He brought with him a great hulk, a beast of disease and girth. After the hulk appeared, the figure fled.

During the ordeal, Bjorn was gravely wounded, but recovered with Ceriwyn’s Nature magic, and Krenan was dealt a nearly lethal blow by the hulk. Bjorn had climbed into a tree and jumped onto the hulk, drawing his attention from Krenan, allowing the rogue to recover in safety. The party discovered very little from this encounter, except that one of the whip-wielding beast-men carried a red figurine of a horned, sitting warrior.

The party continued their travels, reaching the border and resting for the evening, preparing to begin their trek at first light.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild



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