The Arrival of the Fae

The journey begins...

Day 1

I should have expected Monday morning to unravel into something as peculiar as it did. I opened our guildhall doors at 7 o’clock sharp myself because Frederick and Dougal has had a late night of brews at the Singing Trout Tavern. one could hardly be surprised, as the Laketown Lasses had come from their eastern abode. The musicians are both skilled and beautiful, and so Frederick’s slight dereliction is forgivable.

As I opened the door this morning I found two individuals, though not together, waiting for our doors to open.

The first, a Kusteland barbarian, who went by the name of Bjornskvad Kydstoffr, had come seeking knowledge of magical weapons. I explained to him that, while our library is very large and all-encompassing, the knowledge of warfare had not passed east over the Brueddwyd Divide. Not many in the eastern regions understand warfare, even in Splinterveld where great arms and armor is crafted.

The second, whom I mistook to be a small girl, ended up beging a Fae from Fasach. Tegwyn the Druidess had come to visit our halls seeking out knowledge of ancient woods, forests, and trees. She and our visiting guildmember, Addisio had located an a great fir in the western region of Anialdir, near Chwaer Trafol to visit.

To resolve the matter of the brutish barbarian, I told him if he sought magic which would help Kusteland, no journey could be more rewarding than accompanying a Fae. The small creature had untold deep and secret knowledges of the world, and our books do not hold any of their lore. All parties agreed they would set out at once for Aberystwyth, and then Chwaer Trafol.

It would be a two-day journey between Bridgetown and Aberystwyth, and during with they had no disturbances. That evening, to Bjorn’s dread, the grove in which they made camp was awoken by Tegwyn to be the sentries over them while they slept. Tegwyn awakened them by playing on her lyre. Whether a spell did this, or the trees simply responded as one would to such music, we do not yet know.

Day 2

As the party approached the southern border of Anialdir, they were overcome by a foul wind and a remarkable silence. Many things seemed out of place. The patrols of Anialdir were no where to be found. The very protective and private Anialdir heavily patrol their borders so they know all whom enter their realm. At the edge of the woods was a great inferno. in a slight pit, but over ten feet in diameter was a great bonfire. The wood within the pit seemed to be oozing a dark liquid, and several of the logs and branches appeared to be limbs of woodkind creatures.

Unable to be squelch the flames, the party approaches the woodland, where they encountered a diseased and rotting treant. Though young, and small compared to the elder treants, this misguided and blinded treefolk was beyond any of the party to defeat. Tegwyn, the Druidess, however, lulled the wild treant to calm, and then allowed it to calmly pass from this life peacefully, the rot consuming the rest of the tree and poisoning the ground where it fell.

Seeking out the aid of Aberystwyth, the party came across a second pit of poisoned wood, this time not yet aflame. They watched two robed figures circle the pit, and use a red figurine of a sitting horn-helmed warrior to ignite the wood with a magical inferno.

Tegwyn, overwhelmed with the poison and smoke, fainted. Bjorn slew the robed figures and discovered they were humanoids, but no creature anyone in the party had seen. They had human features, but torso, arms and legs were covered in course, thick fur. They also spoke a language which none recognized. After defeating them Addisio used the red figurine to extinguish the fire, though causing himself to weaken slightly.

Tegwyn was carried to Aberystwyth by Bjorn while Addisio went south, to the first fire to extinguish it as well.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild



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