Aberystwyth and the Moot

Day 11

The Moot

Two days of rest in the Crystal Gryffon and the Market have refreshed the adventurers. They were summoned to the Moot, a gathering of elders, wise-men and experienced adventurers to hear of the party’s discoveries from Dunmatar’s Reach.

During this Moot the party learned several things:

- The war in the east has slowed to a halt. The mountain passes have been blocked by treants and earth elementals. Skirmishes do occur, but Analdirans are pushing them back without taking significant losses.

- All other Breuddwyd regions have been notified of this development. Pacific Fields is mustering a eastern guard, in case Dunmatar’s forces try to wheel southward.

- The name Dunmatar was heard, decades ago. An orc, half-mad, half-dead, had stumbled out of the mountains and into the forest. He mentioned Dunmatar, but it was not known if it was a person, place or thing. He spoke of his stronghold coming under siege, and taken by surprise.

- Several courses of action would be taken. An investigation to the location, Collyn Mae, would be undertaken (by the party), an expeditionary force would be sent north, beyond Dunmatar’s Reach, and more forces would be sent east, to assist against Dunmatar’s army and ensure it doesn’t spill into Pacific Fields.

The Kustelanders

Attending the moot were a few members of other lands. There were two Kustelanders, old, wizened sea voyagers who found the party in the common room of the Crystal Gryffon later that evening. Greggor and Lleud introduced themselves and told them they in their younger years they had explored the Untrodden Region north of Kusteland.

They had discovered some small, small settlements, but they had been abandon for long time. They had found the same ringed-snowflake symbol, though, that the party had found on multiple followers of Dunmatar. They had also found one particular settlement near Collyn Mae where they had stashed much of their findings, and told the party they were free to rifle through it all, in hopes of finding something to uncover more about all of this.

Day 12

The party departed Aberystwyth as part of a caravan. It was a long, but uneventful trip. They stayed the night in Chwaer Trafol, a mostly underground city. They also gained Esperanto, the forest-green donkey.

Day 14

Leaving Chwaer Trafol, they reached the northwest edge of Anialdir and began their trek into the Untrodden Region. They made camp that evening, and in the middle of the night they heard the greay roar of a dragon, and then the ominous taunt of a figure they had met a week before…

Day 15

They awoke to find that just further along the path was the a ringed-snowflake symbol scratched in the dirt. It was deemed that it was a magical teleportation ward, and entering it would transport them someone nearby. Being curious and fearless, the Kustelanders entered the symbol one by one, leaving Esperanto to watch the path.

The Offer

They found themselves in a chamber within one of the nearby mountains. In the next chamber over was the robed figure they had heard the previous night, and the one they had encountered briefly in Anialdir, during their Riverside Encounter. The figure offered them each what they desired (Dunmatar’s Reach for Orin, the Coldstone Mountain for Bjorn, and Secrets and Knowledge for Krenan), in return for their service.

The figure revealed that the purpose of Dunmatar’s war was for an item of power hidden within Anialdir, but that Dunmatar would withdraw his army in the east if the party decided they would fetch the item themselves. If they agreed, they would have a spell placed upon them which would result in their death if they tried to do anything but fetch and return the item.

Even though it would have immediately ended the bloodshed, the party declined the offer, deciding that they would not give the item to this figure, and ultimately to Dunmatar, nor would they like to receive their desires as gifts, but as earned rewards of their efforts.

The figure faded away, and the party returned to the mountain pass.

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild



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