A Fateful End...

Day 15

The Settlement

The party first explored the settlement which Lleud and Greggor told them about. Entering the red stone valley from the south, they encountered animated boulders which rolled towards them. These boulders came in various sizes, and their moved at a speed inverse to their size. They had a aversion to water.

Traveling north, to the other end of the valley they came across a sediment-filled river. Wading through this river caused the sediment (of red dust in the water) to be attracted to Orin. It caked on to him and made him immobile. Bjorn finally pulled him out, and after a while they were able to remove the four-inch think red mud from his legs. There were no animated boulders on this side of the river.

The settlement was some cave rooms carved into the rock, across the river. They found a historic tome from those who had once inhabited this place, as well as some other trinkets. They had been capable of creating masterworked weapons, though had been left, exposed, for nearly a century.

The Gatehouse

Returning along their path towards Collyn Mae, the trail ended at a small gatehouse. Inside the gatehouse has a pedestal, and around this room were four alcoves, one being occupied by the statue of a beast-man. The door in this room stated, “Pay the Ante”. Upon Krenan touching the pedestal, he was turned into one of the statues and appeared in one of the alcoves.

The party passed through a number of rooms, solving riddles, until they ended up getting trapped in a multidimensional void…

Do Not Go Gently,
D.T. Marlais
Master Scribe
Breuddwyd Bards’ Guild



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