About the World

Breuddwyd (Bray-EEth-wid) is a small, but diverse region of the world. It is comprised of six regions: Kusteland, Splinterveld, Anialdir, Pacific Fields, Fasach, The Untrodden Region.

Adventurers and Travelers

Party Level: 3

Name Region Class Sheet
Bjornskvad Kusteland Barbarian Character Sheet
Krenan Kusteland Rogue Character Sheet
Orin Kusteland Sorcerer Character Sheet
Name Region Class Sheet
Addisio Anialdir Monk Character Sheet
Tegwyn Fasach Druidess Character Sheet

Adventurer Map

Current Adventure: Collyn Mae

Past Adventure: Dunmatar’s Reach

About the Campaign

Current Time: Summer, 1020 After Settlement (A.S)

Brueddwyd is an open campaign. Anyone from Obsidian Portal is welcome to join. Sessions are on Sundays, 10am PST (1pm EST, 5pm GMT). We use MapTool for our online gameboard. Sessions will generally run 4-6 hours. We use for our character sheets.

Anyone interested should contact tempestdm.